Work experience account from Paridhi Sharma, Cherwell School, 25th - 29th July 2011

As a part of my school curriculum, I found an opportunity to work at the PTCRi. I was able to develop an excellent insight into the clinical effectiveness of charged particle therapy to treat cancers. It was further stimulating to learn about the different ongoing research projects at the PTCRi. I have also had a chance to visit the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology and discovered the various techniques of radiotherapy in use. In brief, I have to make two remarks that bring me great pleasure. One, PTCRi is a classic example of the application of science in our fight against cancer and concern for humanity. Two, the research group is a symbolic integration of many institutes and experts from the core subjects of natural sciences. All in all, I believe PTCRi is a great place with a fantastic working environment.

Ken Peach, Paridhi Sharma and Claire Timlin      Jamie Thompson and Paridhi Sharma


Alan Bennett Visits PTCRi

On Wednesday the 19th of January the PTCRi were fortunate enough to be visited by Alan Bennett who had proton radiotherapy for treatment of a spinal chondrosarcoma in 2008 at PSI in Switzerland. Alan shared his experiences of proton therapy with us and explained some of the challenges he faced having treatment abroad. He told us that he felt remarkably well during treatment, well enough to have protons therapy in the morning and tour Switzerland for the rest of the day! Alan has written about his experiences for our website and his account is available here.

Alan is very happy to answer questions about proton therapy from people who are going to have the treatment and their friends and family. If you would like to arrange to talk to Alan over the phone please email Claire Timlin.

Alan Bennett, Bleddyn Jones and Claire Timlin   Alan Bennett and Bleddyn Jones   Alan Bennett, Bleddyn Jones and Daniel Warren

Alan's account of his proton therapy treatment


Professor Ken Peach at the EGI Technical Forum 2010


Professor Ken Peach spoke to e-ScienceTalk at the EGI Technical Forum 2010 in Amsterdam, where he gave a presentation on the issues surrounding the use of Grid technology in hadrontherapy.
Post on the GridCast blog
EGITF 2010 Presentation


Professor Gillies McKenna Gives PTCRi Seminar

Professor Gillies McKenna Gives PTCRi Seminar

On 21st June 2010, Professor Gillies McKenna talked as part of the PTCRi seminar series at the James Martin 21st Century School. Prof McKenna described how developments in radiotherapy have striven to conform dose better to the tumour whilst sparing normal tissues, arguing that proton therapy should be supported for precisely the same reason. However, he warned that there are potential pitfalls that are yet to be addressed, particularly in the biological arena.


PTCRi Update - May 2010

PTCRi Update May 2010

A newsletter detailing the activities of the PTCRi.

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Professor Boris Vojnovic wins awards

CyMap, a project led by Professor Boris Vojnovic of the PTCRi and Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, has been awarded two prizes at The Engineer's Technology and Innovation Awards 2009.  The system for lens-free light microscopy won first prize in the Medical and Healthcare category as well as the overall Grand Prix.

Cancer Research UK Press Release
Article and Interview from The Engineer
Winners list from The Engineer


Recent Publications

Book review: 'Proton and Charged Particle Radiotherapy'
Timlin, C. and Jones, B.  The British Journal of Radiology, 83 (2010), 87

Joint symposium 2009 on carbon ion radiotherapy
Jones, B.  The British Journal of Radiology, 82 (2009), 884–889


PTCRi in the media

Particle beams for cancer therapy
A look at the emergence of alternatives to radiotherapy which still has serious side-effects and damages tissue unaffected by cancer. NHS Evidence - cancer newsletter, 13/08/09.

Cancer patients miss out on therapy
Ian Lawrence, a physicist with a tumour in the optical nerve leading to his left eye, and Alex Barnes, a five year old boy from Leicestershire with brain cancer, have both had to travel abroad to receive proton therapy. These treatments are not currently available in the UK. BBC News, 07/11/08.

Boy awaits brain cancer operation
A four year old boy from Leicestershire has travelled to the US for what is hoped will be life-saving proton therapy for a rare brain tumour. Experts believe that proton therapy can target tumours more precisely than conventional radiotherapy. BBC News, 29/09/08.

Particle physics on the cancer ward
Professor Bleddyn Jones, explains how techniques being developed by atomic physicists are being used to develop the first of what promises to be a new generation of cancer treatments in place of conventional radiotherapy. BBC News, 06/03/07.

Beaming in on a deadly disease
A summary of the science behind proton therapy and the reasons why the UK is lagging so far behind Europe, America and Japan in this field. Guardian, 10/08/06.