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Welcome to the Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute (PTCRi), part of the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford.

Particle therapy destroys cancer non-invasively using protons or charged light ions such as carbon. It offers advantages over conventional radiotherapy using x-rays, since far lower radiation dose is delivered to healthy normal tissues. PT is also an alternative to radical cancer surgery. Cancer and its treatment is still feared, and rightly so. About a third of us will have a cancer during our lives, and we all know someone with the disease. Despite enormous progress in recent years, so that being diagnosed with cancer is not the death sentence that it once was, treatment can be aggressive, leading to short and long term reductions in quality of life.

The PTCRi studies the clinical effectiveness of charged particle therapy to treat cancer, promoting its use in the UK and elsewhere on the basis of robust clinical evidence and analysis.

23rd October 2014: Oxford University has announced the creation of the Precision Cancer Medicine Institute, which will conduct clinical trials in proton beam therapy alongside other personalized, state-of-the-art treatments. Read the full press release here.


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